Bespoke Campaigns


At ArchiPro we are committed to providing a platform for our clients to educate our highly engaged audience of homeowners and professionals on their products or services. 


ArchiPro provides tailored campaigns exclusively designed for enterprise clients with specific objectives that may not be adequately met by our current advertising options (with a maximum budget of $50,000 and above). Our committed in-house Marketing team meticulously crafts these personalised initiatives, aiming to deliver distinct and customised campaigns for each individual client.


Our Approach:

We take a data-driven approach to marketing, ensuring that our strategies are aligned with the clients business goals and objectives. We start by understanding their target audience, industry trends, and competitive landscape. Then, we develop a customised plan that leverages the most effective marketing channels to reach their target market.


Our services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Enhance their website's visibility in search engine results, driving organic traffic to your site.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising: Strategically target potential clients with paid ads on search engines and social media platforms.
  • Social Media Marketing: Engage with their audience, build brand awareness, and generate leads through effective social media strategies.
  • Content Marketing: Create and distribute high-quality content that showcases their expertise, attracts potential clients, and establishes thought leadership.
  • Email Marketing: Nurture relationships with potential and existing clients through targeted email campaigns.


Our Process:


  • Sales team engages in a discussion with the client to identify the opportunity.
  • Marketing team receives pre-approved client requests via the bespoke campaign form.

Client Briefing:

  • Initial consultation between Head of Marketing and sales teams to understand client goals and requirements.
  • Incorporating client input into the campaign brief/AirTable.
  • Anticipate a response from the marketing team within 48 hours after they have thoroughly reviewed your brief

Collaborative Planning:

  • The Head of Marketing allocates relevant resources from various team members in accordance with the client's brief.
  • Joint brainstorming sessions involving allocated campaign teams to align on campaign objectives.
  • Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) and success metrics.

Strategic Development - Media Schedule:

  • Allocated team formulates a comprehensive strategy, considering insights from sales and clients.
  • Drafting a proposed media schedule outlining campaign elements, channels, and expected outcomes.

Feedback Loop:

  • Allocated campaign team presents the media schedule to the relevant sales lead for feedback.
  • Iterative process of refinement based on input received.

Strategic Development - Presentation:

  • The campaign team, having completed the media schedule and review, briefed a polished and tailored pitch deck outlining proposed strategies and objectives. 
  • This ensures the client not only understands the strategic vision but also feels a connection between the campaign and their unique goals.


  • At ArchiPro, pitching and presenting bespoke campaigns for external clients is a collaborative effort integrating the strengths of both the marketing and sales teams.
  • While the marketing team leads in developing innovative concepts, their role is to offer specialised knowledge and support, not spearhead the pitch. 
  • The responsibility of leading the pitch rests with the sales lead, leveraging their skills in negotiation, relationship-building, and deal closing.

Client Approval:

  • Upon client approval of the campaign, the campaign team will proceed to allocate resources.

Timeline Expectation: 

  • The campaign team will work with the sales lead to set realistic and achievable timelines which include production, execution and reporting. 

Resource Allocation:

  • Campaign team allocates resources for content creation, design, and execution.
  • Campaigns that require video production will undergo briefing with external partners.


  • Campaign Manager implements the campaign across various channels, including social media, email, digital performance, editorial, and video.
  • Monitoring and adjusting the campaign in real-time based on performance metrics.

Client Engagement:

  • Keeping clients informed and engaged throughout the campaign.
  • Providing regular updates, reports, and addressing any concerns.

Performance Analysis:

  • Campaign Manager produces a post-campaign analysis to evaluate the success of the bespoke campaign against established KPIs.
  • Learning from the campaign for continuous improvement.

Feedback and Optimisation:

  • Campaign Manager gathers feedback from both the sales team and clients on the campaign's effectiveness.
  • Using insights to optimise future bespoke campaigns and enhance collaboration between marketing and sales.

We are not:

  • Cookie cutter
  • For everyone
  • Retainer
  • BAU
  • On call
  • ArchiPro traditional marketing
  • Affiliated with anyone (i.e. We won’t push Google just because of an affiliation)

Briefing Form

Once you have qualified your clients needs to be a bespoke campaign and have sign off from your GM Client Success, please send this briefing form to your client to complete.