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How does ArchiPro Ecommerce work for my business?

If you have products that can be sold online, ArchiPro Ecommerce provides a great way to connect and sell to new customers, providing a comprehensive, yet seamless checkout experience.

We've designed Ecommerce to act as a facilitator platform for all orders that are placed by customers.

This means you have the power to control, manage and maintain everything—from your product pricing, details and inventory, right through to order management, shipping and delivery. 

Setting up

1. Setting up and accepting payments

All payments are accepted using your own dedicated Stripe Payment Gateway. Stripe facilitates purchases from all leading bank credit and debit cards and is a seamless way for customers to purchase your products online.

If you don't yet have a Stripe account of your own, we've created an easy interface on ArchiPro for you to set one up.

2. Enabling products for sale on Ecommerce


3. Processing orders and payments

When a customer makes an order on ArchiPro Ecommerce, they will see your company name on their bank statement. Payments are made as soon as you 'confirm' the order from the customer.

4. Click and collect or delivery