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Importing products from a CSV

Learn how to use our CSV import tool to add and update your products

Our import tool helps you add and bulk-edit products on the ArchiPro platform. 

If you have exported a CSV from Shopify, WooCommerce or BigCommerce, you can upload that file directly onto ArchiPro. 

If you are using a different platform, we recommend using our CSV template. This template gives you an ArchiPro-friendly format for all your product data.

Download the ArchiPro CSV Template

To download this template, follow these steps:

  1. In the Business Manager, click Content, then click Products.  
  2. Click Import in the top-right corner.
  3. Click Download ArchiPro CSV Template.
  4. Open the file with a spreadsheet program, like Excel or Google Sheets.

Uploading a CSV file

When you are ready to upload a CSV file, follow these steps:

  1. In the Business Manager, click Content, then click Products.  
  2. Click Import in the top-right corner.
  3. Click Choose a CSV file or drag and drop your selected file

Required fields in your CSV

All uploaded CSV files require headers in the first row and the ProductID data

If you are updating any data for variants (such as colour, size, price or stock) you will also need to include the variant SKU in the CSV file.

The ProductID and SKU fields identify which products or variants are new, and which need updating. 

Matching product data fields

After uploading, the next step is to match the headers from your CSV file to the ArchiPro product fields.

We will automatically attempt to match some columns for you. For example, the header "Description" will match the ArchiPro field "Product Description". These matches will also be remembered for next time. 

  • To see which fields have been automatically matched, click the Show matched filter.
  • To refresh the automatically matched fields, click Match CSV headers
  • To clear all current matches and select fields manually, you can click Clear all matches. 

Updating CSV

If you want to update your CSV file during the matching step, you can click Update CSV.  

This will allow you to choose a new CSV file, or upload the same file if it has been modified.

Finalise import

After you have matched all fields, click Finalise import to review your import summary.

If everything looks good, click Import to begin the importing process.

View import status

To view the status of your import:

  1. Click Import in the top-right corner of the Products page.
  2. Click Import in progress, or Last Import [date/time] if the import has been completed

Note: Each update will be processed one-by-one during the import. Clicking Cancel while an import is in progress will only stop the updates that are still pending.

That’s it! After the import has finished, you will see the new or modified product data in your inventory.