Internal | How do I set a client live on ArchiPro?

This outlines how ArchiPro staff members can set a client live on the platform.

As soon as a profile is created on ArchiPro, it will say 'Live' underneath their business name. 

However, their profile is still in 'Draft' mode only. It is set to 'Profile' rather than 'Directory' (top left of fig below): 

This means that although the profile is technically visible to individuals with the exact URL, it is not searchable on Google or within the ArchiPro platform. 

Even if Projects, Articles and Products are set to 'Directory' and 'Live' - they will not appear unless the profile itself is set to 'Directory'. 

The profile status is also a property visible on Hubspot on the Company named 'Profile Status'. As long as the Hubspot company ID has been added to the profile, this property will show as: 

  • Draft 
  • Live
  • Disabled 

To set a client live once they have approved their content and the profile tour has taken place, simply update the below to 'Directory' rather than 'Profile'. Ensure that all Products, Articles and Projects are set to 'Live' if they are also meant to go live. 

Update the ANZ Production pipeline for a new client to 'Complete' once they have gone live and edit and send the 'Profile now live' template to the client.