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Adding and editing product variants

Without duplicating a product, variants help to create product variety through only a small feature change, such as size or colour

When a product varies in size, colour or material, our Variants section is the perfect way to portray these options to your customers. You can select colour options or add your own colour/material/finish swatches. You can select from our default list or create your own label for the materials you offer for each variant. And lastly, you can add the sizing dimensions you offer.

We have developed Variants in a way that allows you to easily add every type of colour, material, and size at once (if you offer all of these options for your product). Or, alternatively, let's say you offer your pendant light in small, medium and large, with both brass and matte black finishes, but the brass option only comes in small, whereas the black comes in all sizes, you can add these as separate variants.

Not only can you create endless variants for your products, but it also allows you to add individual stock levels, SKUs, pricing, shipping options, and its own variant image.

Below is a great example of how we have set up some variants for a mirror product.

Step 1 - Adding variants

Head to your Content tab within your business profile, search, filter, or scroll through your products to find the one you would like to add variants to. Or create a new product.

Scroll down to the Variants section and click the heading to expand the section. Click Add to add a new variant(s).


Step 2 - Add colour, material and size variants

Here you can add colour, material and size variants. Simply click into each one to add the required information.


Step 3 - Add colour swatches (optional)

Click Add colour swatches and upload images from your computer that best represent the colour/material or finish of your product. Here you can add all of your swatches at once and only select the ones you want to create variants for by clicking on the swatches (if your product sizing options vary between each of the colours and materials you offer).

You can also change the name of the swatches by clicking on the pen tool or the text under each swatch image.

Step 4 - Add colour values (optional)

To add a colour value, you can select from our default list of colours (we will be adding a custom colour selection and colour code feature soon). Rename the colours you have selected by clicking on the text within your list of selected colour swatches/colour values.

You can now see all of the colour options you offer for the product you are editing. Delete these by pressing the x next to each colour option. Then press Done.


Step 5 - Add materials (optional)

Select from our default list or add your own materials in the Request a material that is not listed field. You will see a preview of all your selected materials at the top of this view, simply delete any options by pressing the x next to the text or by deselecting the checkbox in the listed options.


Step 6 - Add size options

Simply fill the sizing fields that apply to your product, press Create, and keep adding more. All of the sizes you create will be listed at the top where you can delete any that don’t apply to one of your variants.


Step 7 - Preview and confirm the variants

Once you have filled all of the required variants sections, you will see a preview on the side. Press Create to confirm all of your variants. Repeat this process if you have any variants that don’t include all of the colour, material and size options.


Step 8 - Delete variants

If you would like to remove some of the product variants you have created, simply click to the left of each variant and click Remove


Step 9 - Add variant pricing and product SKUs

Click into each variant to add the Price, Sale price, SKU, and Stock. Also add a thumbnail image that customers will see when they select that variant. You will see the product name along with its variant details: colour, material, and size at the top.

Press Save changes to confirm the details.


Step 10 - Add variant pricing and product SKUs

Lastly, to add shipping options to your variants, read our Changing shipping rates on individual products article.