Adding downloads to your profile

Giving users the option to download technical files, drawings, brochures etc. can be a great way of supplying everything professionals and homeowners need when they're searching for solutions and it can shorten your sales cycle.

To add 'Downloads' to your ArchiPro profile, navigate to CONTENT > Profile > About in Business Manager. Scroll down to the Downloads section. 

You can upload a file or document that users are able to download. Alternatively, if you host files/documents on a live URL on your site, you can also link straight there. This can make it easier if you update the resource on your site, you won’t need to update ArchiPro separately. 

Regardless, once the file has been uploaded/URL entered, you will be able to rename them by hovering over the file, and clicking the pencil ‘edit’ icon. You can also delete or reorder your files. 

Downloads will appear under the home page of your profile underneath the Enquiry form. You can also add Downloads to individual Project, Article or Product pages. When a user clicks to download a file anywhere on your profile, it is recorded as a conversion in Business Analytics.