Adding or editing testimonials

Add testimonials to your profile to show potential customers how happy some of your customers were!

To add testimonials to your profile, you can do so in the About section of your profile which is found under CONTENT > Profile in Business Manager. 

Within About, scroll down until you hit the Testimonials section underneath Awards. 

Click on the + New Testimonial button to add a testimonial. 

Enter the testimonial in the content box and your source eg. John Scott, Principal Architect at Mason & Wales or Adam & Anna, Auckland Homeowners. Hit Save when done.  

You can edit, delete or reorder your testimonials by clicking the relevant icon. 

Testimonials appear on your ‘About’ section of your profile underneath any company images. Up to three will display at once, with users given the ability to scroll to reveal more. Unlimited testimonials can be added to your profile.