ArchiPro Profile Conversions

Understand the breakdown of how ArchiPro classifies conversions for your profile.

A breakdown of how ArchiPro classifies conversions is shown below.

  1. Website referrals—These are classified as redirects to your website. This is when the user clicks the link to your website from your ArchiPro profile pages. Most commonly, the user will click or be referred to your website from your ArchiPro Products or Projects pages, to enquire further.
  2. Design Board saves—This is when a user saves one of your ArchiPro pages to their personal ArchiPro Design Board. These pages include both Products and Projects pages.
  3. Downloaded files—Any files loaded to your profile pages can be downloaded by users and this results in a conversion.
  4. Direct enquiries—This is an enquiry model found on all of your ArchiPro profile pages that allows the user to converse directly with you using the Company Inbox. Users have the ability to opt in to share their personal details.
  5. Contact page conversions—The following conversions are found within the Contact tab of your profile page or Contact the Supplier according to your ArchiPro Products pages. 
    1. Asked for email—occurs on reveal click.
    2. Asked for directions—occurs by clicking on the listed location map.
    3. Asked for phone number—occurs on reveal click 
  6. Shared your page— this type of conversion can be triggered by the following user actions:
      1. When share 'panels' are clicked on any page on your profile. They include: Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and email.