Automatically confirming your orders

Learn how to set up your orders to 'auto-accept' if applicable

By default, all new orders require confirmation on ArchiPro's Order Manager before payment is taken from the customer. Learn more about confirming or cancelling orders here.

If you do not wish to review orders before payment is taken, there is an option to ‘auto-accept orders’.

This means that payment will be automatically confirmed as soon as the order is placed and payment will be taken immediately.

We only recommend this option if it is unlikely stock, price, or shipping will be incorrect at the time the order is placed.

How to set up auto-accept:

  1. Log on to your professional account on ArchiPro
  2. Click the Profile icon in the top right menu
  3. Click on your Professional name
  4. Click Settings in left menu
  5. Click Ecommerce in left menu
  6. Click Order settings in left menu
  7. Click toggle to turn on auto-accept