Best practice for responding to enquiries

Your customer enquiries are an important opportunity to convert customer interest into sales.

Best practice for responding to enquiries:

Users of the ArchiPro platform are at many stages of their project. 
Some may be months away from being ready to speak with a product supplier and simply require a price to understand how this fits within their project budget. Others may require additional product information like specs or drawings or are ready to engage over the phone. 
We've now given users (your potential customers) the ability to share their contact details with you - giving them the flexibility on how they want to use the platform. 
Whether they are simply researching or ready to buy, if someone has taken the time to fill in a contact form, we ask that every user gets a response in a timely manner. The average response rate from ArchiPro users is much higher if they receive a response to their original enquiry within 24-48 hours. It reflects badly on the ArchiPro brand and your business if a user never receives a response from you to their enquiry.

For an effective response, we'd highly recommend that you include the following at a minimum: 

  • Thanks for the enquiry  
  • Response to their question
  • Quote attached if requested 
  • Supply contact details or a website URL should they require further information 
  • Your business's unique selling point—why should they choose you? (Many users may be enquiring with multiple product suppliers.) This is your opportunity to close the sale.


A great example of how you can respond to a generic customer enquiry is below:

"Hi <Customer Name>,

Thanks so much for your enquiry. 

Here's a link to the relevant product page on my website which includes pricing and specs: (insert relevant URL link).

You are also welcome to visit us in your local showroom—view our locations here: (insert relevant URL link to your contact/locations website page).

We know that investing in high-quality outdoor furniture means that it can withstand the elements here in New Zealand, so we make it easy by using state-of-the-art materials in all of the outdoor furniture we sell.

We look forward to helping you with your project."