Client Content Requests Automation

At 8 weeks, 7 weeks and 1 day before go live at 10am in each market the ANZ Advertising & Campaigns base will trigger a workflow to send automated comms to clients based on criteria. 


Trigger is the Market, Date and Time of Day in the following format:

[MARKET] [TRUE] (Formula is does 8 weeks from content due equal todays date) [CURRENT HOUR] eg. AU TRUE 10


Once the placement matches the conditions every record that matches will trigger the automation and then conditional filters will direct the comms based on fields that are filled out to ensure that correct comms go to the client. Below is an example for the NZ 8 Week Comms filters that must be met in order for the email to go out to the client. 

If the placement triggers but fails on any of these filters, the CM will receive an email outlining what has failed and next steps, eg. manual reach out for content as perhaps the client email field was empty. 

If this does happen then the CM can forward on the form contained in the field called {Content Submission Form // Placement Status} or the CM can submit content on behalf of the client using the form contained in the {CM CONTENT FORM} field and this will bypass Content Requests to the clients for any reminds also.