Dedicated EDM Production Process


ArchiPro provides you the unique opportunity to talk directly to homeowners or professionals actively engaged in the building process and have a significant impact on their decision making process.

Our dedicated EDMs allow you to control the timing, target audience and messaging, ensuring you have 100% share of voice.

This means you can communicate exclusively with our most-engaged subscribers.

Our dedicated EDM production process

ArchiPro’s advertising team works to a two-month EDM production timeline. Here’s a breakdown of what happens across each month, along with the key information you need to know.

Briefing in your EDM

8 weeks prior to your EDM booking, you should receive an automated email from the Advertising team, along with an EDM briefing form. This is a step by step online form for you to easily send through all content required.

In order to ensure you are meeting our brand guidelines, as well as having the best chance of success for your EDM, please carefully read the tips at each step, within the form.

Our Advertising Team, who manages our dedicated EDMs will then review your submitted briefing form. They will be ensuring that all guidelines are met and may also make edits to content to ensure the best results.

EDM Design

Once content is reviewed and approved by our Ads team, they will share all content with our in-house design team, who will create the EDM, according to your chosen template selections made on the briefing form.

Review Process

You will receive a proof of our EDM to review, a month prior to your scheduled EDM going live. 

This proof will be your first look at how the content looks altogether. You will be able to review imagery, CTA’s and copy and send any feedback to the Ad Team. 

Once your feedback is received, the team will flag any issues. If there are no issues, the feedback will be passed on to design to make the amendments and a revised design proof will be sent to you. 

You have a limit of two rounds of feedback for your EDM, so please ensure you review carefully and feel free to request a meeting to talk through the design with the Ad Team if required. 

Once you have signed off the design proof, no further changes can be made.

Coding your DEDM

The approved design proof will then work on coding the EDM. They will use the URL links you would have provided in your briefing form, so please ensure these are correct.

A coded test will then be sent to you for review, where you can test all URLs and see what the user experience will be like for our readers.

You have a limit of one round of feedback for this portion of the EDM, so again, please ensure you review carefully and reach out to the ads team with any questions.

Your EDM must be signed off at least one week prior to the live date. Any later than this, there may be delays to your send.

Sending your DEDM

Your approved EDM will be scheduled to send on your booked date at 10am, to the audience you have selected. If you are unsure on your send date and/or the audience booked, please reach out to your Client Director. 

Once scheduled, no further changes can be made.


Results should be available to view in your Analytics 24-48 hours post-send. The majority of opens and clicks occur within this period, although we advising waiting one week before full reviewing results. Your Client Director is always available to discuss these in more detail if you would like. 

Any questions? Ask the team!

If you have any further questions about the dedicated EDM production process, please contact your client director. They will be able to answer any of your questions.