How is a refund processed?

The process of refunding a payment to the customer and refund periods.

There are two ways for you to refund items

  1. The customer requests a return and refund, and you process that refund in your Order Manager.
  2. You refund the items within your Order Manager, after either being in contact with the customer, or discovering you have insufficient stock levels to fulfill the order after it has already been confirmed.

Selecting the items to refund

  • Within your Order Manager, you can select the items from the customer's order to refund, whether that be one item, multiple, or the entire order. You can include or exclude the shipping cost. The customer will be notified when you accept or decline the refund.

Refunding the payment through Stripe

  • When you refund an item through your ArchiPro Order Manager, the payment will be automatically refunded to the customer's credit card via Stripe, there is no need for you to manually complete this process through Stripe.
  • The total amount of the item(s) will be refunded to the customer, plus the shipping if you choose to include this amount in the refund.
  • Coming soon: the capability to refund partial amounts of the order to accommodate for restocking fees, return shipping, and other fees that you may need to charge the customer.
  • With Stripe being the payment gateway that allows this transaction to take place, they charge a 2.7% + 30c fee per transaction which is not included in the refund. This Stripe fee is taken out upon the initial payment of the order to account for the service that they have provided.
  • If your available balance doesn't cover the amount of the refund, for instance, if the money has already been paid out to your bank account, Stripe debits the remaining amount from your bank account to refund the customer. Read more here.

A breakdown of the process

Step 1: Refund requested by the customer.

Step 2: You receive a notification via email and within your Order Manager.

Step 3: You access the refund, and either:

    • Decline: the customer gets notified with your customised message included.
    • Accept: select items and quantities to refund, including or excluding shipping. The customer is then notified of the successful return and refund.

Step 4: The total value of the refund is withdrawn from your Stripe account and ArchiPro.

    • 100% of the total refund will be withdrawn from your Stripe account.
    • 2.7% + 30c Stripe fees are retained by Stripe to account for the facilitation of the transaction.

Step 5: The customer receives the total refund.

    • After you initiate a refund, Stripe submits refund requests to your customer's bank or card issuer. Your customer sees the refund as a credit approximately 5-10 business days later, depending upon the bank.