How long does it take for content to be approved, once submitted for approval?

This article outlines the process of next steps and timeframes once you have submitted a project, product or article for approval.

After you have submitted your product, project, or article for approval, a 'Pending Content' ticket is created for the ArchiPro Platform Support team to review and approve. The same process applies to product tags. 

If the team requires any additional information, they will reach out to you. One common request is for photography credit, which is necessary for a project to be published.

Once the team is satisfied with your content, they will proceed to make it live. Our goal is to have all submitted content live within 2 business days of submission. If you have an urgent need for it to be live sooner, please contact to notify the team.

Please note that you will not receive a notification when your content goes live.


Last updated 28th March 2024