How to add variants to products and create multiple variants

Adding variant details to your products and creating multiple variants for a product

Navigate to the Products section of your profile.

To add a new product individually, click the Add product button on the top right of your screen. 

To edit an existing product, select from the range of products in your product. Then click on any product to edit its information. 

Once in the product edit mode,

Click on number 5. Pricing and Inventory.

Here, you can enter all relevant variant information, such as the SKU code, price, Colour, Material, Size and Custom variant options.

Creating Multiple Variants:

To create multiple variants, select the toggle next to variants which reads “enable multiple variants”.


A pop-up will appear where you can enter the multiple variant details, such as colour, material, size or custom.


For colour, you can select a colour value based on a HEX code; you will see a drop-down to the right of the colours you have entered.

You can use the pencil icon to edit the colour created or the bin symbol to delete it.



You can also select “Colour swatches.” This will allow you to upload an image of the product to be used as the colour swatch.


For material, enter the different materials in which the product is available.



For size, enter the sizes you wish to have as variant options.


For custom options, choose a name for your custom option, and then select the different available variant options.

Different colour options will display on your products page in a drop-down menu of either coloured dots or swatch images, depending on what you have selected.

Followed by all other variant details underneath, with drop-down menus to view and select between options.

Once you have created your variant options, you will see a drop-down menu on the products page under 5. Pricing and Inventory.

By selecting the empty image spot next to a variant, you can choose from one of your product images to link the variant to

When a consumer clicks on the variant option, the image you have linked will appear on the products page, showing the consumer how this variant looks.