How to rearrange your products

Learn how to rearrange products and make your best selling products appear at the top of your list


You may need to rearrange your products for any of the following reasons:

  • Place your best selling products at the top of the list on your profile
  • Group products by the range or category they sit in
  • Place your newer products at the top of the list

Please see the video below to learn how to rearrange your products.



Step 1

Ensure you are logged into your ArchiPro admin account so you can edit your Company Profile.

Step 2

Switch to edit mode by selecting the pencil icon found in the bottom-left corner of your profile.


Step 3

Head to your Products tab on your profile and scroll down. Click and hold the product you would like to move, and simply drag and drop it to the desired position. Repeat with all products you wish to rearrange.