Linking with other professionals used in the project

Navigate to the 'Projects' section of your ArchiPro profile and find the project you wish to link other professionals to.

Linking - 1a - Projects

Linking - 1 - Professionals on Projects

Under the Professionals used on this project section of the project editor, you can link professionals used on your project. 

By clicking on the grey box you will be prompted with a menu to search the ArchiPro platform for the professionals who worked on your project.

Once you have selected the professional(s) you wish to link, click on the save button. 

They will be now displayed in the Professionals used on this project section of the project.

This project will also appear as a project the professional is tagged in on their profile. 


If you know you've worked with a fellow ArchiPro Professional, but the project you collaborated on is not listed on ArchiPro, you can still make a Network connection with them on your ArchiPro profile. See how to do that here.