ArchiPro’s The Meet, Greet & Eat Christchurch 2023 - Product Supplier - Te Pae Venue Details

This article will provide you with information about the beautiful new venue you are exhibiting in, and will help you to plan the pack-in and pack-out of your stand. 

1) Te Pae venue display rules 

2) Venue information for vehicle access

3) Venue pack-in & out measurement and weight details

4) Exhibitor pack-in & pack-out additional information


The full Te Pae Exhibition Guide can be viewed here

The full Te Pae Venue Guide can be viewed here

We have summarised the most important information in this article

1. Te Pae venue display rules 

  • Via the Product Supplier Exhibitor Form please inform us;  
    • If you require gas cylinders or have any naked flame/combustible items (for this you will need to arrange a hot works permit with the venue).
      • If your stand exceeds 5m in height
      • If you are planning to bring any heavy items (20 > kg
      • If you would like to hang anything from the rafters / require any AV assistance
    • Exhibitors may not permanently mark, paint, drill or otherwise deface any part of the venue or make any alterations to the structure, fittings, decorations or furnishings of the venue. 
    • Do not attach any damaging items, including gaffer/duct tape, pins, nails, staples, markers or blue-tac to any part of the venue.
    • Do not provide, fix or install any fittings, decorations or furnishings to or in the venue space, except with prior written approval.

    Factors to be considered by any person wanting to install heavy items in any area of Te Pae include:

    • Weight of the item (including any point-loading dispersal weight allowances)
    • Dimensions of the item
    • How it will be transported within the venue
    • Weight of any handling device (e.g. forklift)

    Raised floor, steps and ramps considerations

    Stand construction and access must be constructed as per the requirements outlined in the Building Act 2004. The following is a summary of additional requirements, which must be met by designers and builders to ensure adequate access, mobility, and to reduce the likelihood of slip and trip incidents:

    • All raised floor sections or ramped edges are to be free of sharp or dangerous edges and anything that poses a trip hazard.
    • Edges of thin decorative flooring such as carpet, vinyl, matting, wood or the like, are to be taped down or firmly secured.
    • Flooring that is between 32mm and 115mm high requires a bevelled edge that does not exceed an angle of 30 degrees. This bevelled edge is to be incorporated within the stand space and not encroach into the aisle. All flooring exceeding 115mm in height is deemed to be a step; for stands with a floor height exceeding 115mm that is occupied by the general public or exhibition attendees, a ramp must be provided within the allocated stand space.
    • Any loose materials are to be steady underfoot and not present a hazard. The base layer floor must be protected, and regulations apply to the installation and removal of these materials from the venue floor. 

    On the day of the event, a final safety inspection will be carried out by the Te Pae Christchurch Safety Team ensuring all safety regulations have been observed. The Centre reserves the right to remove anything identified as unsafe. It will be the responsibility of the exhibitor to source appropriate replacements.


    Electrical connections 

    An electrical licence is required before any wiring or fitting work can be undertaken throughout the Centre. 

    2. Venue information for vehicle access

    Te Pae Christchurch has a one-way loading dock area with entry located on Armagh Street and exit on Colombo Street.

    The Armagh Street bridge is subject to the following weight restrictions: gross weight can be 85% of Class 1 weight limits; weight restriction on any one axle cannot exceed 5350kg. 

    • The speed limit in the central city precinct is 30km/h.
    • The speed limit in the Centre’s loading dock is 5km/h.
    • Both entry and exit gates measure 6.5m wide x 4.8m high.

    The security team supervises entry to the loading dock. Access is only allowed to vehicles arriving at their scheduled time as per the event loading/traffic management plan.


    Parking and loading dock traffic 

    There is no parking on site during the event. 

    The loading docks are strictly no parking zones. 

    Access to the loading dock is from Armagh Street only. Movement of vehicles on the loading dock is strictly one way. Vehicles may remain on the loading dock for 20 minutes only unless prior arrangements have been made. Please email if you have any questions. 

    Abandoned vehicles or those exceeding the allotted unload time may be towed from site if they are hindering access to the loading area. Associated removal costs may apply.

    Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre does not have an on site car parking facility.

    There are multiple drop off and pick up zones outside the Centre and off-street parking sites operated by either the Christchurch City Council or private operators in close proximity to the Centre.

    Please find close parking on the Te Pae Venue Guide page 16 here


    3. Venue pack-in & pack-out measurement and weight details 


    Lifts available on site 

    Only the Centre’s approved licensed and experienced forklift drivers can operate forklifts at the venue. Drivers must be licensed and drive safely to the speed limit of 5km/h when operating the boom lift and/or scissor lift.

    For information on forklifts, pallet trucks and pallet jacks, please refer to section 8.8. Forklifts of the Te Pae Venue Guide page 51 here


    Door measurements 

    4. Exhibitor pack-in & pack-out additional information


    Health & Safety


    There are two defibrillators onsite, one is kept in the first aid room, and one located at the Te Pae Christchurch Guest Services Desk on the Ground Floor.

    First aid

    There are six portable first aid kits distributed throughout the centre. The position of the closest kit to your area of operation will be highlighted during your centre induction.

    There is also a medical equipment cabinet in the dedicated first aid room. The first aid room is located on the Ground Floor, near the Bealey Rooms.

    The centre has a number of personnel that are trained as first responders in fire, safety and first aid emergencies including the use of onsite defibrillators. In the event of a medical emergency, the centre’s Control Room will implement procedures and contact external agencies as required.

    Dedicated event paramedics can be arranged as required. Please refer to your Event Coordinator for more information.

    The centre’s Health, Safety and Security Manager or Health and Safety Coordinator are required to complete a Te Pae Christchurch incident report for each person treated. This includes those treated by the dedicated event paramedics.

    Emergency and evacuation procedures 

    Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre has an Emergency Response Plan in the event of medical, weather, fire, smoke and other emergencies. It is updated regularly, and drills are conducted regularly. A trained Emergency Response Team will lead the implementation of all emergency and evacuation procedures.

    Emergency and evacuation procedures will be thoroughly described during compulsory induction upon arrival at the centre.

    Fire egresses

    All access and exit ways indicated on the floor plan must remain clear at all times, including during pack-in and pack-out.


    Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre is a non-smoking venue. Smoking is permitted at clearly signed designated areas outside the Centre.


    Please fill in the Product Supplier Exhibitor Form in your portal by 4 August, 2023 at the latest. 

    For any questions please check the FAQ page here or contact the ArchiPro Events team on or 022 400 5069.