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Security and data collection

Find out how your customers' data is being collected.

Common questions


Does ArchiPro have access to my customers' onsite data?

No. Email addresses, passwords, and credit card numbers are not tracked or disclosed to us.

Will ArchiPro Pixel introduce risk to my website?

No, the code simply makes a link to the visitor behaviour from ArchiPro website referrals and your website. It has no ability to edit or change your website's current functionality or create a data breach risk. It is equivalent to adding a ArchiPro Pixel code from Facebook or Google.

What data does ArchiPro Pixel collect?

At a high level, ArchiPro Pixel collects user behaviour such as page views, form fills, and engagements. It then visually collates the data of those users who have visited, or have been referred from ArchiPro, within the ArchiPro Pixel interface.

Cookies Used
The ArchiPro Pixel javascript operates by writing a first party cookie (__apid) from the site on which it is installed when a user is first referred from ArchiPro. This enables events collected and reported to Archipro by the code to be correlated to an ArchiPro user. 

How does the data collected by ArchiPro Pixel get used?

ArchiPro creates a digital connection between the ArchiPro website and your website, in order to visualise the full visitor journey. This helps you understand the value of the visitor based on their engagements and conversions on the website.

The data collected is reported back to you in an anonymised dashboard via the ArchiPro Pixel interface within the Analytics feature on ArchiPro. The data is also used in aggregate form to help ArchiPro understand the adoption and use of the service, and to allow capacity planning for the infrastructure required to support it. ArchiPro's privacy policy describing our use of data is available on the New Zealand and Australia websites. 

Do users of my website need to know that ArchiPro Pixel is in use?

ArchiPro uses first-party cookies to follow the user. The cookies disclaimer (if you have one) will cover the usage of ArchiPro Pixel.