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Setting up Specialty rates and Trade pricing

How to set up rates for Trade professionals and ArchiPro customers

On ArchiPro Ecommerce, you can offer specialty discounts for both ArchiPro trade professionals and registered users. 

What specialty rates are

Specialty rates are a percentage % discount off a product's retail price. Rates are set at the category, or sub-category level. Individual products can be excluded from the discount.

When a rate is applied, the discount will appear to the professional or customer once they sign in.

Who can access the rates

Trade rate

To access the trade price for products and/or samples, the user must be a verified team member of an ArchiPro professional.

Customer rate

To access the customer price, the user must be signed in as an ArchiPro member. 

    Adding specialty rates

    To add specialty rates, follow these steps:

    1. Log on to your professional account on ArchiPro
    2. Click the Profile icon in the top right menu
    3. Click on your Professional name
    4. Click Settings in left menu
    5. Click Ecommerce in left menu
    6. Click Specialty rates in left menu
    7. Enter a percentage (%) discount for the relevant categories and user types
    8. Click Save

    Exclude products from specialty rates

    To exclude specific products from specialty rates, follow these steps:

    1. Click Search products in the Exclude products section 
    2. Type in product name
    3. Select product from the list
    4. Click Save

    Sale products and specialty rates 

    If a product is on sale and has a specialty rate applied, the best rate will be displayed to the customer by default.

    To apply specialty rates on top of sale prices, select the checkbox in the Advanced conditions section.