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Setting up your ArchiPro Pixel conversions

Learn how to add custom conversions to your ArchiPro Pixel so you can capture the user activity on your website.

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Page view conversions

Form fill conversions

Custom conversion codes

Common questions



ArchiPro Pixel conversions allow you to pick and choose which events or interactions you consider conversions on your own website. These conversions are a powerful tool to measure the performance of your ArchiPro profile and your customers' cross-site journeys.

Below are the three kinds of conversions that you can set up. If you need any help, your Client Manager will be happy to set up your conversions for you.


Page view conversions (no code needed)

Page view conversions allow you to track user visits to important pages on your website. They're perfect for tracking ArchiPro users' visits to sign-up pages, contact forms, or checkout pages. 

Page view conversions will be triggered when a user visits the page on your website that is specified by that URL. 

Once your ArchiPro Pixel is set up, you can add your preferred conversions. Head to ArchiPro Pixel within the Analytics tab on your navigation menu, scroll down to Conversions on your sites as shown below, and click Add a conversion.

conversions on your site


There are two ways to set up page view conversions:


Custom URL

Custom URL lets you copy and paste any URL you prefer to track. For example, this could be a sales success page, for example, 'Thanks for purchasing' or a particular product that you’ve run an advertisement for. Simply copy and paste the page URL into the form, enter a conversion name and click Create. Some great examples of pages to track conversions from are; Contact Page, Register Page, Store Page, Cart Page, and Checkout Page.

add conversion

Top pages

To make page view conversion setup easy, we preload your top website pages based on page views. You can also search for specific pages within your site. Click the '+' icon to select your preferred page and then add your conversion name.

add conversion.2 copy


Form fill conversions (no code needed)

Form fill conversions identify the existing forms on your website and show these in a list. Your forms could include things such as a ‘Contact Us’, ‘Enquiry’ or ‘Quote Request’ form. You can easily pick the ones you want to track from the list provided and give them unique names.

form fills copy


Custom conversion codes

Custom conversions allow you to add code to your website to track any kind of action you like. With custom conversions, you can track anything from a customer adding a specific product to their cart to clicking any button on your website.

Custom conversions are more tricky to set up and require knowledge of how to edit a website's source code. This requires JavaScript code snippets to be manually added to your website. Please contact your web developer to set this up.

Simply enter your conversion name (for example, ‘Add To Cart’), the custom code identifier (for example, AddedToCart) that you want to use, and click Create. Great conversion examples include; Add To Cart, Lead, Purchase, Search, and Subscribe.


custom conversion

A code snippet will be generated that you can then copy and paste into the source code on your website where you want the conversion to read.


custom conversion code copy



Common questions around conversion tracking

How long does the data take to sync?

Data collection is immediate, although we allow for a 24-hour delay to collect and aggregate the data before populating on the ArchiPro Pixel page.

What are conversions and why are they important? 

Conversions are the goals at the end of the user journey that you deem as important and what you want the user to do. Conversions could include downloading a file, making an enquiry, reading an article, adding products to a cart, and checking out. Without having these conversion goals set up, you can only look at the user behaviour, but not dive further into the value that the behaviour generated.

Essentially ArchiPro Pixel gives you data and insight to empower and inform your marketing strategy.

How often does the data refresh?

Once per minute.

How does ArchiPro Pixel track the conversions?

The tracking is connected to the device/browser that the user is performing the actions on. It will only track if a user clicks from the ArchiPro website to your website.

If the user switches devices, the data will not sync to the same user unless they are logged into an ArchiPro account.

If the user is performing the actions through incognito mode, the data will not be tracked.

What type of conversions should I set up?

  • Page conversion examples - Contact Page, Register Page, Store Page, Cart Page, and Checkout Page.
  • Custom conversion examples - Add To Cart, Lead, Purchase, Search, and Subscribe.
  • Form fill conversion examples - Contact Us, Enquiry or Quote Request, and Subscribe to Newsletter form.

Does deleting a custom conversion delete the data?

No, your data will still be accessible. If you recreate the conversions, this will re-display the data previously gathered.

Why can’t I see all of my form fills?

It depends on how your data is structured, we can only see what your website data is showing to us.

What does the pending status on custom conversions mean?

The data is in the process of being collected.