Shipping your orders on ArchiPro

Learn how to manage fulfilment and dispatch your orders on ArchiPro

ArchiPro Ecommerce includes a dedicated Order Management dashboard where you can manage all orders processed on ArchiPro. 

To complete dispatch on ArchiPro, you will need a tracking number or URL provided by your courier or shipping partner.

Ship your orders

When the order is ready to dispatch, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log on to your professional account on ArchiPro
  2. Click the Profile icon in the top right menu
  3. Click on your Professional name
  4. Click Orders in left menu
  5. Click the relevant order
  6. Click checkbox for the item(s) that will be included in dispatch
  7. Select your Courier from the dropdown list provided. 
  8. Enter Tracking number provided by your courier.
  9. NOTE: If your courier is not displayed, select Custom from the dropdown and enter the Tracking URL
  10. Click Ship

A dispatch email will then be sent to the customer with the status update and tracking link.