Selecting products to sync from WooCommerce to ArchiPro

How to sync selective products from WooCommerce to ArchiPro using tags

By default, all published products in WooCommerce will sync to ArchiPro.

If you would like to sync some products and not others, you can do so using tags.

Creating tags in WooCommerce

Tags in WooCommerce allow you to group products together without creating a hierarchy. To create/edit product tags in WooCommerce, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to WordPress
  2. Click Products from the left-hand menu
  3. Click Tags in the expanded left-hand menu
  4. Under Add new tag section, enter a Name for the tag
  5. Enter a Slug for the tag (or leave this blank for WooCommerce to generate it for you)
  6. Enter a Description for the tag (Optional)
  7. Click the Add new tag button

Check out the WooCommerce documentation to learn more about how to edit and manage tags.

Bulk add tags to products 

To add tags to products on bulk in WooCommerce, follow these steps:

  1. Click Products from the left-hand menu.
  2. Click the Checkbox next to the relevant products.
  3. Click Bulk actions dropdown
  4. Select Edit, then Apply
  5. In the new section that appears, go to Product tags
  6. Enter the tag name (new or existing)
  7. Click Update

Using tags for the ArchiPro integration

Once you have created tags in WooCommerce, you can use these to sync selective products across to ArchiPro. 

  1. Go to your WooCommerce Integration in ArchiPro
  2. Select Sync settings
  3. Click the Sync by tag dropdown
  4. Click the Tag from WooCommerce you wish to sync
  5. Click Begin syncing
  6. All products with that tag will sync across to ArchiPro