Tagging products in projects and articles

Add product tags to your projects or articles.

You can add tags to Projects or Articles on ArchiPro. Navigate to the Project or Article you wish to tag a product in. 

Hover over the image you wish to tag and click the left hand ‘tag’ icon to start tagging. 

This will activate the tagging tool. Click on the product in the image you wish to tag. 

This will bring up a menu that will allow you to search the ArchiPro database for the product (as long as it is listed on ArchiPro). 

Once you have found the product(s) you wish to tag, select the product and click DONE TAGGING on the bottom right.


If you can’t find the product you’re looking for, but you know the supplier is on ArchiPro, you can tag the supplier instead. 

If the supplier is not on ArchiPro, you can click ‘Can’t find supplier?’ and enter the name of the supplier and we can check if they are eligible to be listed on ArchiPro and get in touch if applicable. 

Once you have finished tagging, the tags are then submitted to a member of the ArchiPro team to check and approve.

You can also tag while you are uploading your Projects or Articles within the Page Builder tool. Follow exactly the same prompts as above.