Team permissions

Manage which team members are visible on your profile and which have admin permissions.

Step 1  Navigate to your team members

To add team members to your business on ArchiPro, navigate to CONTENT > Profile within your Business Manager and then Team. 

After you’ve clicked into ‘Team’ you can easily see all the team members associated with your business account and update their permissions.

Step 2  Add / Invite a team member 

To add a new team member, click the black ‘Add team member’ button at the top right. 

A pop up will appear. Simply fill in their details and invite them to join the team. They will receive an email inviting them to join the profile with a link to click to confirm. Please ask them to check their Junk folder if they do not see the email which should come from If you have any trouble, please contact your client manager. 

Step 3  Change your team member's information

When you have added a team member, you will have the option to add a profile photo and a summary about them.

Step 5  Change your team member's permissions

Once you’ve invited the team member, you can select what level of access they have. 

Anyone who has been made an ‘Admin’ can make changes to the business profile and automatically has access to the inbox and products. 

Alternatively you can choose to give only ‘Inbox Access’ to a team member so they can just view inbox messages and respond. 

Finally, you can choose to give only ‘Product Access’ to a team member so they can edit products and process orders (if enabled for ecommerce) without being able to edit the business’s main profile information, projects or articles.  

You can choose to hide team members from the public by toggling the ‘Hidden to Public’ button. For customer facing team members, we suggest making them visible to the public. You or they can add a profile photo by clicking the pencil icon on that team member as well as a phone number, position and summary.  

Team members can be viewed publicly to users under the About section on your profile in a section called ‘Meet the Team’. 

You can rearrange team members, search for a specific team member or delete at any time.