Team permissions

Manage which team members are visible on your profile and which have admin permissions.

Step 1  Navigate to your team members

Head to your ArchiPro business profile and navigate to the About tab.

about tabcopy

Step 2  Add a team member

Scroll down the About page to find your team members.

To add a new team member, simply click Add member.

Here you can also rearrange the order of your team members by clicking on Re-arrange members.

out team copy

Step 3  Invite a team member

Fill out your team member’s full name, email address, and personal welcome message, then click Invite member. The team member will then be sent your personal welcome message with an invitation to join your ArchiPro profile, via the email address you have provided.

Once they accept the invitation, they can update their personal information through their personal profile settings, including their phone number, email address, and name.

add member invite sent copy

Step 4  Change your team member's information

When you have added a team member, you will have the option to add a profile photo and a summary about them.

change photo copy

Step 5  Change your team member's permissions

As you can see in the below image, there are five buttons on your team member’s profile photo. These buttons allow you to enable or disable: Product Access; Inbox Access; promote them to have Admin AccessPublic Visibility; and Remove Member from your Team. Admin access will automatically give the team member product access, inbox access and profile editing privileges. Each team member will automatically be hidden from the profile, if you would like them to be visible to the public, simply click the 'eye' icon.

statuses copy

Step 6  Remove a team member from your company profile

To remove a team member from your company profile, simply remove their admin permissions (if applicable) by clicking the person icon. When the team member is no longer a page admin, you can press the X button to remove them from your company profile. This will completely remove the user's access to your company profile, including the inbox and product editing.


Product Access - allows the team member to create, edit and delete products.

statuses 1-1

Inbox Access - allows the team member to access and reply to customer enquiries through the company inbox.

statuses 2

Admin Access - promoting the team member to an admin gives them full access to everything.statuses 3

Public Visibility - show or hide the team member from anyone viewing your company profile on ArchiPro.

statuses 4

Remove Member from your Team - remove a team member from your company profile.

statuses 5