Understanding Dark Posting and Targeted Advertising

Dark posting and targeted advertising are powerful tools utilised by ArchiPro to reach specific audiences with tailored content.

Here is a brief overview of these terms and how ArchiPro employs these techniques:

Dark Posting: Dark posting refers to creating ads that are not visible on our main social media feeds or pages. Instead, these ads are targeted towards specific demographics, interests, or behaviours chosen by ArchiPro. ArchiPro may use dark posting to deliver personalised content to different audience segments without cluttering their main feed.

Targeted Advertising: Targeted advertising involves using data-driven insights to identify and reach relevant audiences with promotional content. ArchiPro New Zealand leverages various targeting parameters such as location, age, interests, and browsing history to ensure their ads are seen by individuals who are most likely to be interested in their services, products, or content.

The Benefits of Dark Posting and Targeted Advertising


By employing dark posting and targeted advertising, ArchiPro New Zealand can maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns in several ways. Here are some benefits:


  1. Improved Relevance: Targeting specific audience segments ensures that the content resonates with the recipients, increasing engagement and conversion rates.
  2. Enhanced Analytics: Dark posting allows ArchiPro New Zealand to gather valuable insights into the performance of different ad variations and audience segments, enabling data-driven decision-making for future campaigns.
  3. Customised Messaging: Advertisers can tailor their messaging to different audience segments based on their demographics, interests, or stage in the customer journey. This customisation increases the relevance of the ads and improves the chances of driving desired actions, such as client enquiries, sign-ups or purchases.


In conclusion, dark posting and targeted advertising are integral to ArchiPro's digital marketing strategy. By leveraging these techniques effectively, ArchiPro delivers personalised content to the right audience segments, driving engagement, and ultimately, client success.