What does the 'Product Score' mean and how is it calculated?

This article outlines what our Product Score is and how it's calculated.

Every product on ArchiPro is assigned an 'internal' product score, determined by various factors that assess how comprehensive the product content is. This score is visible only to admins on your profile.

Some essential fields that contribute to your product score are the product title, category, images, product description and link to the product on your website. Additionally, enhancing your score involves adding up to 5 content search tags, product downloads, warranty information, pricing and any additional product detail fields. Boosting your product score is also possible by including an SEO product title and description. In essence, completing more fields leads to a higher score.

Having a higher product score theoretically increases the likelihood of being discovered by third-party search engines such as Google. However, it currently does not impact on-platform search results. It is important to note that the current 'product score' system is not perfect, and efforts are underway to enhance the logic behind this scoring mechanism.

In general, a product score exceeding 40% is deemed sufficient for product publication (this should naturally be higher if the product is enabled for e-commerce).


Last updated Wednesday 17th April 2024.