Add the ArchiPro badge to your website (Australian clients)

How to add the ArchiPro badges to your own website

Why use the ArchiPro badge?

How to add the ArchiPro badge to your website


Why use the ArchiPro badge?

ArchiPro badges can be added to your website to act as sign-post for your visitors to view your profile, project case studies or products on our site. Adding the ArchiPro badge to your website can improve your organic Google ranking for your ArchiPro profile, which will create additional online visibility.

You can choose to place one of the below badges on your website, depending on your preferred colour.

AP Badge_Gold AP Badge_Black AP Badge_White

To add the badge on your website, you will need help from a website developer, but it should be a quick and easy task for them to complete as it is only one line of code.

You only need to place the coded badge on your website once and any updates to the design will automatically updated in future. 

How to add the ArchiPro badge to your website

Please copy the all the text below and send this to your website developer:


Place this script inside the <head> tag:

 <script src=""></script>

Place this code inside the <body> or the <footer> tag where you'd like the badge to show up:

<ap-badge href="archipro-url-to-your-projects-products-or-profile" theme="gold/black/white" />

You will need to edit to include the following:

  • href - this can be any of your product or project URLs where you'd like your visitors to go to when they click the badge; can also be a link to your profile on ArchiPro;
  • theme - this sets the colour of the badge. You can choose gold, black or white. Any other value will show up as gold.


How do I add the badge to a Squarespace website?

You can find out how to add custom code to a Squarespace website here.