ArchiPro’s Home Design Evening Auckland 2024 - Product Supplier Exhibitor Information

This article will provide you with important event information to assist you in filling out the Home Design Evening exhibitor portal and for pack in and presentation at the event.

1) Event details

2) Exhibitor timings

3) ArchiPro contacts

4) ArchiPro profile

5) Exhibitor Training

6) Ticketing and accreditation

7) Venue Specific Information 

7) a)Your exhibition space

8) Exhibitor pack-in & pack-out information

9) Pack-in & pack-out time slots

10) Health & Safety / Covid-19

11) Exhibitor lead scanning app

12) Goodie bags

1) Event details - Shed 10, Queens Wharf, 89 Quay St

Shed 10 | Architecture Now

  • Event venue: Shed 10
  • Address: 89 Quay St, Queen's Wharf, Auckland CBD
  • Date: Friday, March 8, 2024
  • Event time: 5.00pm - 9.00pm
  • Dress code: Cocktail / smart
  • Event WIFI: TBA

2) Important exhibitor timings 

  • Pack in timings can be selected and we will try our best to facilitate these choices.
  • We ask that pack in and all set up is completed by 3pm. 
  • 3.30pm: All exhibitors to arrive for registration.
  • 3.30 - 4.30pm: ArchiPro will provide food for all exhibitors. Final sweep of of venue and checks.
  • 4.30 - 4.45pm: All teams need to be registered and all stands need to be ready for showtime
  • 5.00pm: Doors open for homeowners and professionals

Designated time slots for pack in and out can be found in section 9.

3) ArchiPro contacts

Jared Kennedy – Event Manager ANZ

+61 (0)493 582 384

4) ArchiPro profile 

We highly recommend that your ArchiPro profile is up to date. Our team is more than happy to help with any changes. Please get in contact with your Client Manager if you need assistance. 

5) Exhibitor training

We will be holding virtual exhibitor training sessions on DATE AND TIME TBC.

We understand that the evening is an investment for our clients so we want to ensure you really make the most out of this event. In this session our team will cover the following topics:

1. Engaging at the event including; Having the right team on your exhibition stand, key homeowner qualification questions and tips around overall stand presentation including how to best present your ArchiPro profile and projects.

2. Lead capture including; Training on how to use the event app and ideas for engaging with homeowners on the night.

3. Lead follow up; Recommendations on next steps following the event, the best follow up timeframes and recommended email templates.

Please complete all components of your Exhibitor Portal as this information is key to planning for the event and activity. The link and password to your Exhibitor Portal will be supplied following booking.

6) Ticketing & accreditation 

During the evening you and your team will be required to wear a lanyard with your name badge attached. These lanyards identify you as a product supplier exhibitor

There is a limit on the number of staff that can attend based on the showcase package you have selected: 

  • Silver – 4 pax
  • Gold – 4 pax
  • Platinum – 6 pax  
  • Black – 8 pax
  • Bespoke – 10 pax

Your tickets must be allocated via your Exhibitor Portal. This detail can be completed closer to the event.

Your tickets are meant for staff who can speak to professionals and homeowners about your products. 

Upon arrival at the event, you and your staff can simply scan your digital tickets at the registration desk to receive a lanyard. 

7) Venue Specific Information

Floor plan & your exhibition space & display rules

Shed 10, Queens Wharf - Final Floor plan to be confirmed

Every product exhibitor will receive:

  • 1 x 1060 x 560 x 970H black pod - with your logo in gold applied to the front
  • 1 x 10amp plug with a 4-way multi box for power
  • A dedicated marked-out space as per your selected package.

The size of your space is dependent on the package you have selected. 

  • Silver – 1.5m x 1.5m space
  • Gold – 2m x 2m space
  • Platinum – 3m x 2m space 
  • Black – 4m x 2m space 
  • Bespoke – 6m x 6m space

The black pod with gold logo is to be placed within your space. 

If you do not require the black exhibitor pod, please let us know via your Exhibitor Portal. 


The exhibition floor must look impeccable in order to enhance and elevate the attendee experience. Our intention for the evening is for all stands to look slick, well designed, and for all exhibitors to display their products so that attendees can feel, touch, and experience them.

Those who have booked early will receive priority placement of their stand.

Please let us know if you prefer a wall space. For example, if your stand has a back wall it's better to be along the wall than in the middle of the space.  

Nothing can be leaned against or hung on the venue wall; everything needs to be self-standing.

To ensure a premium look at the event no pull-up banners are allowed. 


The more information you provide to us, via the exhibitor details section of your Exhibitor Portal, the better we can position you on the night.

  • If you require gas cylinders or have any naked flame/combustible items (for this you will need to arrange a hot works permit with the venue). 
  • If your stand exceeds 2.8m in height.
  • If you are planning to bring any heavy items (20 > kg
  • Exhibitors may not permanently mark, paint, drill or otherwise deface any part of the venue or make any alterations to the structure, fittings, decorations or furnishings of the venue.
  • Do not attach any damaging items, including gaffer/duct tape, pins, nails, staples, markers or blue-tac to any part of the venue. 
  • Do not provide, fix or install any fittings, decorations or furnishings to or in the venue space, except with prior written approval. 

Factors to be considered by any person wanting to install heavy items in any area of Shed 10 include:

  • Dimensions of the item.
  • How it will be transported within the venue (floor protentional needs to be considered).  The use of carpet underlay is to be used when transporting items with the use of a genie scissor lift or smaller vehicles. There is an on-the-day charge for using the scissor lift.
  • Shed 10 has a weight limit of 500kg per 1m square

A forklift will be available and only operated by venue management or other suitably qualified personnel.

  • Lifts are suitable for 35pax – 2500kg
  • Internal dimensions: 1.8. wide by 2.6m deep by 2.4m high
  • The door opening is 1.6m wide x 2.2m high

8) Exhibitor pack-in & pack-out information

Exhibitor Access

On arrival, please report to the security gate for access at your designated time. The Queens Wharf is a public space, please be aware of pedestrian traffic, maintain a speed of 5km and drive with your windows opened and hazards on. Security hosts will provide direction to the parking area for pack-in.

There is no parking on site during the event. 

During pack-in you will access the Queens Wharf during your allocated time slot, drop off your items and vehicles must then leave the site. Your team may continue to pack-in, but your vehicle must be moved off-site at the designated time. Please allow enough time for this. 

Parking can be found in close proximity to the Queen’s Wharf – the most convenient options are:

Downtown Carpark – 31 Customs Street

Britomart Carpark – 88 Quay Street

Freight Forwarding Guidelines 

Please refer to the freight forwarding guidelines below when shipping goods to and from Auckland Conventions. 

  • Ensure you use the freight label provided in this document for all goods sent to Auckland  Conventions 
  • Ensure your label has the stand number and name of an on-site contact representative from your  organisation. 
  • Ensure your freight arrives on the first day of your venue residency. Please liaise with your Event  Coordinator should you need to schedule a delivery before this date. 
  • Ensure you have completed the appropriate customs clearance and payment of New Zealand taxes  if shipping goods from overseas. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that freight arrives  at the venue. 
  • Bring consignment notes from your preferred courier/freight company with you to use for return  freight. 
  • Bring labels with you for return freight. 
  • Contact your preferred freight company on the day prior to pack down to confirm timings and collect  freight. Ensure they are organised to arrive with your organisations name and number of items to  collect. Please advise your Event Coordinator. 
  • Please ensure you label your freight correctly for its return journey. 
  • Have freight collected on the day the exhibition concludes. Auckland Conventions does not offer  storage facilities for items left on site after the conclusion of the exhibition. 
  • Items left onsite for more than two (2) working days after the conclusion of the conference/  exhibition will be deemed abandoned and will be disposed of accordingly at the organiser’s  expense. 

Storage on Site 

Storage is strictly limited. If any storage is required prior, during or after the event this must be arranged  with your Event Coordinator and will be entirely dependent on space availability. 

Transfer and storage of all items is the responsibility of the exhibitor. Exhibitors must ensure that labour is  supplied to move large good items to and from the loading docks. 

Use of Venue Trolleys 

Venue trolleys will be available for use subject to availability and are not guaranteed for exhibitor use. 


9) Pack-in & pack-out time slots

  • There are three pack-in slots for exhibitors
  • Allocation will be managed based on the exhibitor’s requirements and advised prior to the day
  • No exhibitor can begin pack-in without an induction
  • Inductions will start promptly at the given times to ensure that everyone has enough time to pack-in

Pack-in slot 1: 

9.30am Gates open for security check

10.00am Pack-in commences

11.15pm Vehicles begin moving off site 

11.30am All vehicles off site


Pack-in slot 1: 

11.30am Gates open for security check

12.00pm Pack-in commences

1.15pm Vehicles begin moving off site 

1.30pm All vehicles off site


Pack-in slot 3

1.30pm Gates open for security check

2.00pm Pack-in commences

3.15pm Vehicles begin moving off site 

3.30pm All vehicles off site


A pack in delivery schedule will be supplied closer to the event date.

Please provide us with your preferred pack-in slot via the Exhibitor Portal. 


Pack-out time

  • Pack-out on the night will commence once all guests have left the venue—approximately 9.15pm - 12.00am (Friday).
  • Pack-out must be completed following the event.

10) Health & Safety


  • Every exhibitor & support personnel shall take all practicable steps to ensure that no action or inaction  of the exhibitor/contractor/subcontractor person while at Auckland Conventions harms any other person. 
  • Every exhibitor shall provide the necessary resources and documentation to  ensure that the work that is carried out is done with strict compliance to Health and Safety requirements. 
  • Every exhibitor shall provide adequate instructions and equipment to their  employees so that they are able to comply with the Health and Safety procedures specific to the job. 
  • Every exhibitor & support personnel shall ensure that all the necessary insurances and licences are  available and current to ensure that the safety and legality of any activity carried out within the venues is beyond question. 
  • Every exhibitor & support personnel must ensure that their workspace is kept neat and tidy so as to  avoid any trip hazards. 
  • The exhibitor must have taken part in the briefing of evacuation, health and safety procedures and must  ensure all other staff members comply with the procedures presented. 
  • All accidents, incidents or near misses are to be reported to Auckland Conventions immediately. Emergency Evacuation and Fire Safety 
  • Every exhibitor & support personnel must comply with Auckland Conventions evacuation procedures. 
  • Every exhibitor & support personnel shall ensure that all fire hoses, fire extinguishers, EDR switches and  manual call points remain visible and accessible at all times. 
  • Every exhibitor & support personnel requiring the use of naked flame or pyrotechnics must be approved  in writing and supervised by Auckland Conventions. 

First Aid 

First Aid trained staff can be contacted via any of our front of house, food and beverage and security staff.  Further professional first aid service providers can be organised by Auckland Conventions upon request. A  cost to the organiser/exhibitor will apply for external first aid provisions.

Walk-Through Exhibits 

  • These exhibits must be designed in accordance with current New Zealand Standards and to the  satisfaction of Auckland Conventions. 
  • All internal aisle ways are to be a minimum of 1.5 metres wide. 
  • Emergency exits must not be obstructed. A clearance which matches the width of the door must be  allowed. Any emergency exit that is obscured from view will be compensated by additional signage and can  only be obscured with pre-approval by Auckland Conventions. 

Dangerous and Hazardous Substance 

  • Substances that are of a dangerous, flammable, explosive or objectionable nature must not be brought into  the premises without formal notification to the Department of Labour and Auckland Conventions. 
  • Where it is proposed to use toxic materials or fluids, the disposal of such materials requires notification to  WorkSafe NZ. The nature of the material of fluid and the quantities involved and a copy of the plan for  disposal must be forwarded to Auckland Conventions no later than fourteen (14) days prior to the event  commencing. 
  • No more than one day’s supply of any hazardous or dangerous substance shall be stored on the stand or  within the venue at any time; the remainder must be stored in closed container in a location as per the  Hazardous Substance and New Organisms Act. 

Materials Handling Equipment 

 Materials  handling equipment cannot be used within the premises without the relevant certificate and license. 

Event waste management

Auckland Conventions must be informed of specific waste requirements e.g. grease, oil, and paint to  ensure correct disposal methods are followed. Please advise Archipro prior if applicable. 

No provision has been made for exhibition packaging/waste. All packaging/waste will need to be removed by exhibitors during pack-in and after the event. If you require waste removal/ cleaning, please let us know via the product supplier exhibitor form and the venue will be in touch with associated costs.

Construction Materials 

Information regarding chemicals used in the stand construction must be passed onto the stand  installer/repairer to ensure that these personnel are made aware of potential risks.

Material Safety Data  Sheets must be provided to the installer of all glues, adhesives and paints that were used in stand  construction so that personnel are aware of any potential risks when required to modify stands or props. 

  • Non-combustible materials should be used in stand construction and displays where possible. All  practicable steps should be taken for applying fire proofing protection to flammable products and  components in exhibition stands. 
  • Self-extinguishing plastic materials should be used where possible.

Fire egresses

All-access and exit ways indicated on the floor plan must remain clear at all times, including during pack-in and pack-out.

A Hot Work Permit will be required for anyone with a fireplace display or other fire devices. 

Exhibitors/contractors/sub-contractors requiring the use of naked flame or pyrotechnics must be approved in writing and supervised by Auckland Conventions.

Notify the events team at at least four weeks prior to the event should a Hot Work Permit be required.

11) Exhibitor lead scanning app

The exhibitor lead scanning app is designed to capture attendee information such as:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Project type
  • Project location
  • Project status (dreaming, planning, under construction, near completion)
  • Project budget range
  • Whether they have already engaged with someone within your field or not
  • Reason for attending
  • Your own notes on the people you speak with


1. We will send download instructions ahead of the event. Please download the app and log in before the event.

2. When you are speaking to a potential lead, tap the device onto an attendee's lanyard to access their details. 

3. You will be able to download details of anyone you have scanned at the end of the event.

Full instructions and training will be provided to all exhibitors before the event.  


12) Goodie Bags


We will provide 300 goodie bags to homeowners (one per project) in which you are welcome to supply one of the following:

  • Product sample
  • Any small branded items (for example, a branded screwdriver, branded bottle opener, other branded gift)
  • Single-page flyer with a discount or promotional offer beneficial to attendees.

Please download this packing slip and ensure that items do not arrive earlier than event day.

No paper brochures, booklets, notebooks or catalogues will be permitted as they will make the bags too heavy.

Please inform us of the item you would like to add to the goodie bags, via the Exhibitor Form, before producing it so that we can ensure there are not two of the same items.

For any questions please check the FAQ page here or contact the ArchiPro Events team on