Audience demographics

Audience demographics give you insight into the customers who are viewing your profile pages.

Audience is where you will find a holistic overview of your user demographic data for those users who have visited your pages.

Audience shows three key data blocks. These include:



User Breakdown

  1. Total users—The total number of unique users who have viewed your pages within the selected time period.
  2. New Users—The number of new unique users who have visited your pages.
    1. They are classified as a new user if they have no prior sessions.
  3. Sessions—The total number of sessions the total users have undertaken.
    1. A session is determined by a user spending 30 minutes or more browsing the site. A second session begins when the user has been inactive on any of the clients’ pages for 30 minutes or more, then starts a new session.
    2. Dividing the ‘sessions’ by the ‘total users’ will give you the 'average sessions’ per user.
  4. Average session duration—The average time the total users have spent browsing on clients’ profile pages only.


Graphical view
  1. Pie graph of new and returning users.
    1. A user is classified as a new user if they have no prior sessions.
  2. Categories of interest—these are pulled from the page categories that the user is searching within.
  3. Age groups—these age demographics are from our users across the ArchiPro platform. They are not unique to the client’s profile. The reason for this is due to limitations with Google’s Data API. 


Location: unique to the users’ profile pages
  1. Unknown location—may be significant for some clients, as users who have their browser settings set to incognito cannot be recorded.
  2. Other location—grouping user locations with less than 1% results.


Device breakdown
  1. Unique to the users’ profile pages.