Becoming an Admin for your Profile

How do you become an Admin for your profile on ArchiPro?

Once you are an admin for your profile on ArchiPro, you will be able to access Business Manager where you can control all the content on your profile, view Analytics and manage your Inbox.

When your profile has been created, your Client Manager will add you as a Team Member on your profile with your business email address. 

This will trigger an email from ArchiPro Website which will come from:

  • NZ - 
  • AU -

Example below: 



Click 'Visit Company Page' to confirm your email address. 

If you are already logged in to ArchiPro with the same email address that you received the Invitation to, you will be automatically redirected to your Business Manager for your profile. 

If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to sign in or create an account: 



** If you login with Facebook, Google or LinkedIn - ensure that it is your business email address associated with those accounts in order to gain access to your profile's Business Manager. 


Common issues: 

  • The email goes to your spam folder - please check your spam if you don't see it and add ArchiPro to your 'safe senders' list 
  • You are logged into ArchiPro with a different email address than the one that has been added to your profile - please check which email address you are logged in with by clicking your initials top right and clicking 'Edit Profile' - this will show you which email address is associated with your login.

You can either: 
  • update your email address to be your business address 
  • ask ArchiPro Support to add a different email address (the one you are logged in with) as an admin on your profile 
  • log out and create a new user account using your business email address 

If you have any further trouble, please reach out to ArchiPro Support or your Client Director for assistance.