Integrating with Squarespace

How to connect Squarespace to your ArchiPro profile, and automatically sync your inventory and orders.

Connect with Squarespace to automatically sync inventory to ArchiPro and update stock & price in real-time. Integrating with Squarespace also allows orders to sync from ArchiPro so you can manage them from one place. 

1. Connect your accounts on ArchiPro

To connect to your ArchiPro profile to your Squarespace account, follow these steps: 

    1. Log on to your professional account on ArchiPro
    2. Click the Profile icon in the top right menu
    3. Click on your Professional name
    4. Click Ecommerce in left menu
    5. Click Integrations in left menu
    6. Click Connect in the Squarespace section
    7. Click Connect
    8. Login and Approve permissions

    2. Go to Squarespace to select which products to sync

    Once you have connected your accounts, you can select which products sync across on Squarespace by using tags

    A tag called 'ArchiPro' will be automatically created on your Squarespace site once you connect the integration. You can use this tag (or any existing tags on Squarespace) to control which products sync to ArchiPro. 

    Once products have synced with ArchiPro, our content loading team must still go through each product and check information pulled through is accurate and complete missing fields. 

    As part of your initial content load to build your profile or ecommerce enablement (and annually on renewal), we include up to 200 products or 600 variants to be approved by our team via API sync. Please refer to our content loading rate card if you would like additional products made live on your profile and talk to your Client Director. 

    To learn more about adding or removing the tag on Squarespace, see Syncing selected products from Squarespace to ArchiPro.

    3. Set up advanced settings (if applicable)

    Advanced data settings

    For new products syncing to ArchiPro, all product fields (other than Category) are selected to be overwritten by Squarespace by default. If there are any fields you do not wish to sync across for new products, you can unselect these here.

    For existing products in ArchiPro, there is a content lock enabled to protect these product fields from being overwritten. By default, the only fields that will sync will be price, sale price and stock. 

    Automated sync

    When you connect to Squarespace, automated sync will be activated by default.

    Any new products added, or updates made to products in the collection, will automatically sync from Squarespace to your ArchiPro profile.

    You can choose to Deactivate automated sync at any time. After the initial sync, you will have the option to force sync updates on-demand.

    Your Squarespace account will remain your source-of-truth for all your product data. Any changes made in the ArchiPro product inventory will NOT sync to your Squarespace products. 

    4. Select order settings

    By default, once an order is confirmed in ArchiPro, it will automatically sync to your Squarespace Orders tab. This is where you can manage and fulfill the order.

    If you do not wish for ArchiPro order data to sync to Squarespace, select ‘Keep order data in ArchiPro’.

    6. Begin syncing

    When you are ready to set up the integration, click Begin syncing. 

    This initial sync will set up an ongoing connection between your Squarespace account and the ArchiPro profile.

    Upon sync, all new products will be set to Pending approval in your ArchiPro profile.

    If automated sync is active, any future updates to products in the app will appear in ArchiPro after this point.  

    If you click cancel while a sync is in progress, any pending products will not be imported. 

    That’s it! Your integration with Squarespace is now active.

    To view your products in ArchiPro, visit your Business Manager > Content Products



    Disconnecting your ArchiPro profile

    If you want to disconnect your ArchiPro profile from the app, click disconnect on the Account tab. From here, you will also be redirected to disconnect the app on Squarespace. 

    Disconnecting your profile will stop any product updates from syncing, and will set all products imported from Squarespace to ‘Draft’ on ArchiPro.