Making a new product or editing existing products

Navigate to the Products section of your profile. To add a new product click the grey box named Add product.



Then before you click Next, choose the correct category for your product.


To finish adding your product, click Create product.


You can then click on the new product you have created to add product information. Or, to edit an existing product, simply click on it. 


You can change the product name by clicking on it. 


To add your product images, click on or drag your images into the grey box at the top of the page. Product images should be 1160 x 668 px at 72 - 300 dpi in jpg image format.


By clicking on the image you have uploaded, you have access to a variety of image tools. 


Along the right side of the image, the ‘compass’ icon allows you to adjust the way the image sits in the provided space. The ‘magic wand’ icon allows you to apply a variety of filters to the image. The ‘star’ icon lets you set the image as the thumbnail for the product. The ‘water drop’ icon applies a multiply effect that helps the visibility of products that have been clear-cut. The ‘circle of two arrows’ icon allows you to regenerate the image if it is displaying incorrectly. Lastly, the ‘rubbish bin’ allows you to remove the image. 

The Caption box below the image is used for adding a caption to the image. The Photo credit box allows you to search for a photographer or professional on ArchiPro whose images you need to credit.

You can add an About description of the product by clicking on the Tell us about your product section.



You can add extra tabs by clicking the Add/Remove tabs button.


Add up to five relevant search tags to help users find your product. These tags should be relevant, short and not contain any special characters. Type your tag and click ‘enter’ to save it. Remove tags by clicking the ‘x’ button.


Link the product to the product page on your website by inserting your weblink in this section. 


To add a video to the product, click the grey box by the Videos section of the product.


Then in the pop-up menu, you can add the link to either a YouTube or Vimeo video as well as a title for it. 


Repeat the process to add more videos. 

Add swatches to your product in the Colours available section of the product editor. 


Click on the grey box or drag in the swatch images. You then have the option to rearrange, rename or remove them. 

By clicking on the Downloads section you can add relevant downloads to your product. Click on the grey box or drag in your files to upload them. Once uploaded you can rename them, or remove them by clicking on the ‘rubbish bin’ icon.


You can link installers of your product if they are listed on ArchiPro by clicking the Link professionals box underneath the Downloads section. 



On the bottom left of the Products page, click on Set product range to set or add a range for the product. 



The menu will let you create a new range or select a range from one you have already created. 

Once you have finished adding all the information to your product, click the drop-down menu on the top right labelled Draft and change it to Pending approval which will send it through to one of the ArchiPro team to review.


To unpublish a product click the Not live option. To completely remove a product from your profile, contact your ArchiPro Client Services Manager. 

You can adjust the fit of your selected thumbnail image from the Products tab on your profile. Hover over the product whose thumbnail you wish to edit and click the ‘compass’ icon along the bottom of the product. Drag the image around to make it fit how you wish and click the ‘compass’ icon again to save your changes.