Create a new product or edit existing products

Are you looking to add a new product or make a change to one of your products already live?

Navigate to the Products section of your profile. 

If you are able to export a CSV of products from your website, you may be able to upload your products in bulk using our CSV uploader which is still in BETA form. Click here for further instructions. 

To add a new product individually, click the Add product button on the top right of your screen. 

This will open up our Product Editor and you simply need to work through the form to complete the product details. There are handy tips on the right hand side for each section. 

The more information you can supply the better. 

If you need assistance writing a product description, you can use our AI assistant by clicking on ‘Generate AI description’ beside ‘Product description’. 

By simply adding a few features, our AI assistant can draft a description for you which you can then edit or accept as is. 

Once you’ve finished adding all your product details or if you’d like to come back later, click Save & Close top right.

You can view all your Products in CONTENT > Products as well as its status ie. Draft, Pending Approval, Live, Not Live. 

You can click on any product to edit the product information. 

To unpublish a product, click the ‘Status’ button and select the ‘Not live’ option.

To completely remove a product from your profile, please contact your ArchiPro Client Manager.

If you’d ever like to export a full list of your products on ArchiPro, click the ‘Export’ button on the top right.  

You can also apply Filters to your products to view only selected products, sort your products or search for a specific product.