Editorial Process

Our content team is dedicated to empowering and educating homeowners embarking on or contemplating a building journey. We are fortunate to have access to a wealth of industry experts who will help guide our users on this transformative journey.

Your editorial piece will be highlighted in Archizeen, our digital journal that acts as a source of inspiration, providing a wealth of knowledge and insights across our editorial categories: Spaces, Lifestyle, Product Features, Guides & Ideas, and News & Events.

Our article production process

ArchiPro’s content team works to a two-month article production timeline. Here’s a breakdown of what happens across each month, along with the key information you need to know.

Preparing for the article

You will hear from your assigned writer two months before your article is due to be published on the Archizeen website. For example, if your article is scheduled for publishing in March, you will hear from the writer in January. Your writer will collaborate with you to define your article’s topic and gather any information needed to produce it. Here’s how that process looks.

Research and ideation

Your writer will extensively research your company and industry, utilising SEO analysis. This ensures the creation of articles focused on high-search intent topics that resonate with your audience's interests.

Here's why we opt for this approach and the value it brings to your online presence:

  • Optimising Visibility: Our primary goal is to ensure that your article attracts the attention it deserves. By incorporating carefully researched keywords related to your field, we increase the likelihood of your content appearing in relevant search results. This optimization not only enhances the visibility of your article but also directs organic traffic to your ArchiPro profile.
  • Targeting Your Audience: SEO keyword research allows us to identify the specific terms and phrases your potential audience is searching for. By tailoring the content to these keywords, we align your article with the interests and needs of those actively seeking information in your domain. This targeted approach enhances the relevance of your content and engages a more qualified audience.
  • Long-Term Impact: SEO-driven content has a lasting impact. Over time, your article becomes a valuable asset, consistently drawing in new visitors to your profile. As the blog gains authority in search engine rankings, your expertise remains prominently featured, contributing to a sustained influx of interested readers.

We believe in crafting content that strikes the perfect balance between SEO optimization and genuine, valuable information.

Topic confirmation

Following the research and ideation phase, you'll receive an email featuring three topic suggestions. We'll also inform you in advance about the upcoming list of interview questions and their deadline. Alongside this, we'll need 3-5 high-quality professional images to enhance the article. We kindly request your prompt response regarding your chosen topic within five working days of receiving these suggestions.


This process is designed to gather essential information. We will provide you with a list of interview questions through a Google Doc, and we kindly request your responses within five working days.

Producing the article

The production time is dedicated to writing the article and getting it prepared for publishing. You will receive the first draft in a Google Doc once it’s ready for review; this is your opportunity to provide any feedback. We ask that you kindly provide feedback within five working days of receiving the article. 

You are welcome to provide feedback via email. However, there are also two easy ways to provide feedback in the Google doc. Here’s how to use them:

  • The suggestion tool

Add suggestions to the article by tapping the pen icon at the top right of the Google doc and selecting ‘suggesting’. With suggesting turned on, you can begin making edits to the article,but instead of real edits, these will show up as suggestions. This enables us to track any changes you have requested.

  • The comment tool

Simply highlight the section of text that you want to provide feedback on, right-click the highlighted text, and then select ‘comment’. This will create a text box on the right-hand side of the page, in which you type your feedback and submit it by clicking ‘comment’.

*Once the writer has received your feedback, they will go ahead and make all necessary amendments.

Final approval

You will receive a link to preview your article and we ask you to provide a final sign-off within five working days before we schedule the article to go live on Archizeen. If we don’t hear back from you during this time, we’ll assume that you have approved the article and it will go live on the specified date.


Once published, the article will live on Archizeen under its relevant category, and you’ll be able to share it far and wide across your social platforms. 


Your writer will update you on your requirements during the editorial process, in the first two stages - the interview or emailed questions, and creating the first draft. If we are unable to contact you, your article will be removed from the Editorial Calendar. Your Client Manager will then contact you to reschedule.


We offer two rounds of minor revisions (limited to 20 edits): one after the first draft and another after the final version. Once the final version receives approval, no further changes will be accommodated. 

Image Guidelines

Please read through our Image Guidelines to make sure your images comply with these.

If you realise you are unable to provide images that meet ArchiPro’s guidelines, please let your Client Manager know in advance. We may be able to arrange for a photographer to shoot your product or project at a fee.

Client-written articles

Although we value your expertise in shaping our articles, we collaborate closely with a team of SEO professionals to ensure that the language used within the article generates maximum interest and engagement for your benefit. Therefore, we have established the interview system with our writers as a best practice, ensuring that you receive the optimal outcome for your products or projects.

Any questions? Ask the team!

If you have any further questions about the article production process, please contact your client manager. They will be able to answer any of your questions.