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How to Install ArchiPro Pixel

Find out how to install ArchiPro Pixel on your website.

Where to find the ArchiPro Pixel code

Within Business Manager, head to the Tools > Analytics tab, then click ArchiPro Pixel.

Scroll down this page and find the Copy this code section. Highlight and copy the code to install ArchiPro Pixel by using one of the following methods below. The ArchiPro Pixel installation should take a maximum of 10-15 minutes.


Ways to install ArchiPro Pixel

  1. Google Tag Manager (indirectly)

    If you already have Google Tag Manager installed and are using this to manage other tags such as Google Analytics, Facebook, and Hotjar, then the process is the same.

    You can find out how to add a new tag at the bottom of these Google Tag Manager instructions.

  2. Header code injection (directly)

    The header code injection is a direct way to install the ArchiPro Pixel code. Most websites will have this functionality to install code directly into the header. 

    If you are unsure how to do this, it may be best to consult with your website team/developer about installing the ArchiPro Pixel code. Or alternatively, ask your Client Manager to help if you're stuck.

    It will take a quick 15 minutes for your web team to insert the header code. 

    The following links provide step-by-step instructions to set up ArchiPro Pixel on these platforms: Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace.

  3. Shopify

    The method of installing ArchiPro Pixel on a Shopify website is similar to the Header code injection method. Follow the steps below and watch the video to learn how.

    1. Navigate to the Themes section in the Online Store menu in your Shopify Store.
    2. Click on Edit HTML/CSS or Edit Code in the Actions drop-down menu of the Current Theme section.
    3. Click on “theme.liquid” in the Layout section.
    4. Paste the ArchiPro Pixel code just before the </head> tag and Save.

How do I know if ArchiPro Pixel is installed correctly?

You can find your 'tracking status' on the top right of your ArchiPro Pixel installation page, as shown in the image below. If the status is green with the title Tracking, the code is installed, if the status is grey with the title Not tracking, it has not been installed. It may take some time for the status to turn green after installing the code.


Not Tracking: