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Overview of ArchiPro Pixel

Find out what ArchiPro Pixel is and how it can benefit your business.

What is ArchiPro Pixel?

A new way to visualise the visitor behaviour between your ArchiPro profile and your website. We use an ArchiPro Pixel code that is installed on your website to make this connection. Consider it like digital footprints of a user's website behaviour between both websites.

What are the benefits for your business?

ArchiPro Pixel allows you to see the direct value that your ArchiPro profile content has on your visitors as a part of their research, decision-making and purchase journey. 

ArchiPro Pixel provides you with access to data and insight that can be utilised to make more informed business decisions.


ArchiPro Pixel allows you to:

  • Track the number of people visiting your website from ArchiPro.
  • Track the conversions of your choice.
  • See who is visiting your website, when they visited, the pages they viewed, the conversions they made, and the total time spent within each session.
  • Use this information to connect the dots between a promotional spend one month that leads to a conversion multiple months down the line.
  • Follow each lead from their initial engagement with your company profile on ArchiPro right through to a conversion on your website.
  • See a total value of all users' time spent, total page views, total sessions, and total conversions on your website, along with your top pages sorted by page views.