Managing orders in Squarespace

Learn how to sync and fulfil your orders when connected with the Squarespace API integration

When you connect to the Squarespace Integration, you can sync new orders from ArchiPro to Squarespace. Once orders sync across, you can manage and fulfil them from Squarespace.

Confirming orders

By default, all new orders require confirmation on ArchiPro's Order Manager before payment is taken and the order syncs to Squarespace.

If you do not wish to review orders before payment is taken, and would prefer them to sync across to Squarespace automatically, there is an option to ‘auto-accept orders’. Learn more about auto-accepting orders here.

Managing orders in Squarespace

When an order is synced across to Squarespace, you can view:

  • Delivery details
  • Click & Collect details 
  • Order status
  • Line item(s)
  • Customer contact information

You can manage fulfilment and dispatch the order from Squarespace.

Once the order has been marked as completed, an order update email will be sent to the customer with the tracking URL or pick-up details.

Refunding orders

All refunds must be processed in ArchiPro, and cannot be actioned from Squarespace. If you attempt to refund an order from Squarespace, the payment will not be processed to the customer. Learn more about refunding orders here.

Turn off order syncing

If you do not want ArchiPro orders syncing across to Squarespace, you can disabled this in the ArchiPro Product Sync app

To turn off order syncing, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Squarespace admin
  2. Go to the ArchiPro Product Sync app
  3. Click Sync settings
  4. Click Order data settings
  5. Click Keep order data in Archipro

Orders will no longer sync from ArchiPro to Squarespace once confirmed