Writing a good product description

How to write a good product description that is optimised for SEO

Product descriptions are really important to give users all the information they are looking for around your product to assist them with their consideration process as part of the buying journey. 

Another benefit of writing a good product description is that it will help your product page rank higher organically on search engines like Google, which will enable people searching the internet to more easily find your brand and product.

Four simple considerations when creating any content 

1. Write content for users and not for yourself. Remember that not all users have your background and knowledge on the product - get someone who doesn't know your product to read the description and make sure it makes sense.

2. Think about your user intent and your goal. If someone is reading an 'About' section of your profile, they are looking to find out more information about your company (not a specific product that you sell). If they are checking out a product page, they are searching for more information on a specific product. 

3. Make the content readable and engaging. Simple sentences and paragraphs are key - avoid overly long and wordy sentences and paragraphs. Similarly, avoid a tagline with no grammar that doesn't make sense to a reader. 

4. Create unique and fresh content (as much as possible). Although you will not be penalised for duplicating product descriptions from your website, it will help your pages rank higher if the description cannot be found elsewhere. 

Optimising your Product Pages 

Product Titles 

Well written ‘Product Titles’ are key to creating a strong first impression, helping customers discover your products and encouraging clicks from search results, both on ArchiPro and organically from Google. Check out some tips for crafting product titles below.
The best structure for a Product Title is a short product name + the item type. 
It should be descriptive so that you know what the product is from reading the title. 
Product Titles should be unique for every product, to avoid duplicates in search.
Max 55 characters.
Good examples
Nectre N65 outdoor fireplace
Broadys Nectre N65 outdoor fireplace
Bad examples
Nectre N65 (too short, we don’t know what it is)
Nectre N65 Heavy Stainless Steel Outdoor Pizza Cooking Oven by Broadys (too long)

Product Description

A good product description helps engage customers and communicate key product information. Customers often browse lots of products and projects to gather insight and inspiration, so you need to capture their interest.
Ensure that your description is: 
  • Easily readable and meaningful. Write short and concise sentences and use bullet points and headings to make the description easily to read. Avoid overly promotional language like 'this is the best product for..'
  • Offers value to the reader. It should include features and benefits of the product and how they benefit the customer. 
  • Use keywords in your content. If your product is a fireplace, ensure that you include the word 'fireplace' in the description. However, make sure that keywords are only repeated naturally. 

The first sentence or two of a product description is the most important for search engines (the part of the description that a user can see without interacting with the page eg. click to 'read more'). 

The description should not be vague but include what your product is, describe features of the product, describe any user benefits and contain your keyword which is repeated naturally. 

Avoid using bullet points in the first two sentences. Avoid stuffing keywords - repeating keywords where it doesn't seem natural. Avoid hyperlinks. 

Things that you could include in the product description are:
  • Introduce the product's three key features/core values
  • Explain a common problem and highlight how the product will solve the problem
  • Use simple language and a tone that emotionally engages the customer and encourages them to read on and learn more. 

Good example  

Screenshot 2023-06-27 at 2.37.39 PM

✅ contains the name of the product 

✅ contains the keyword 'fire'' repeated naturally 

✅ is descriptive 

✅ contains features and benefits of the product for users 


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