Updates to Project and Article Page Builders

We've made some improvements to how you create project and article pages on ArchiPro to make the process more efficient.

Exceptional Projects and Articles help potential leads find you in our directories and search results. They also establish your company's presence on ArchiPro and allow collaboration with other professionals and suppliers through product tags, boosting your profile’s traffic and visibility. Our clients have created so many epic project pages on ArchiPro, get inspired here

Here’s what’s new… ✨

We’ve introduced improvements to the way you create project and article pages on ArchiPro. Our goal is to streamline the content curation process, making it easier and quicker to maintain your company’s profile.

  1. Bulk Image Loading
  2. Page Layouts
  3. Component Switching
  4. Approve Product Tags
  5. Self-Publishing Projects & Articles

Walkthrough Video 🎦

Bulk Image Loading

You can now bulk upload up to 20 images at a time. Images will be placed in the order that they are selected for upload. This update will cut down the time it takes to upload content. 

Bulk Image Upload

Layout Panel

Page Layout

We’ve simplified the process for editing page layouts. By hovering over a section and selecting the layout button (four squares), a panel will appear on the left hand side. This panel

provides a full view of the sections on the page and allows you to drag and reorganise them swiftly. 

The panel also lets you jump to specific sections, saving time by avoiding the need to scroll or search. 

Component Switching

The new cog button offers a smoother experience when it comes to adjusting components within a section. Clicking the cog ⚙️ will open a window that shows you alternative layouts for your components and you can switch without needing to re-upload your imagery.  

Note: If a section has two images, and the user selects a template with one image, the latter image will be removed.

Switch Components

You can also swap the image placement with the arrow toggles that appear when hove ring over a section 

Approve Product Tags

Now product suppliers can tag their products in other business's projects, and the owner of the project can self-approve the tags. Previously our Platform Success acted as the middle man, but this update allows for a smoother, more direct process. 

Pending product tags will show in your project list within your Business Manager and in the page builder. When you open the new page layout panel, pending product tags will show red. 


           image (3)-Jun-09-2024-10-22-16-6880-PM                  Product Tags in editor

Self-Publishing Projects & Articles

We heard your feedback, and you can now self-publish your projects and articles to your business profile without waiting for approval. 

When self-publishing it is important that your projects and articles meet ArchiPro’s standards, as approval could be declined for appearing in the ArchiPro directories or set as unpublished on your profile if content is unsuitable. 

Read more about content guidelines here:

Image Guidelines

Cropping and Altering Project Images

If the Platform Support team needs additional information, they will contact you. A common request is for photography credit, which is required for your project to be published.

Once your project is approved, it will be made live on the ArchiPro Project Directory. Our goal is to review all submitted projects within 2 business days. If you need your project to be reviewed urgently, please contact support@archipro.co.nz

Read more about self-publishing projects and articles here.